LGBTQIA+ FC and Support group on Adamantoise

We're an ever-inclusive (18+) LGBTQIA+ Free Company, safe space and support group. We strive to help all of our family whether it be in game or support for one another during life's struggles. We encourage our family to enjoy all aspects of the game as possible, and if you're new to the game never be afraid to ask the FC for help.Apply at our FC house placard at the address below or click below to apply via Discord.


Who We Are: We are first and foremost an ever-inclusive LGBTQIA+ FC, Safe Space & Support Group on Adamantoise and we do welcome our allies too. Our community is restricted to ages 18+ only. All applicants must submit their application to us either via discord from our website or in game at our home placard. We do require the use of our private discord to join and be a member of our FC family.
What We Are About: We're about acceptance, safety, chosen family and love. We offer a casual setting for everyone to go at their own pace. Need to discuss topics related to health, sexuality, or transition? Our family is there to support one another, and you may find others having similar experiences with advice and support to offer.Not keen on conversing much? With us we're here if you need us and being quiet is OK, some that are silent in chat also like to be included in a family and we are here to support you. We know you're doing your best and are proud of you. We will encourage you to be yourself and allow you to open up and speak when you get there. Here you are seen, loved, and heard.Afraid that because you need to take time for yourself and step away from the game that you'll be removed after so many days? As long as we have the room, we will not remove anyone for inactivity, we are here for you when you return. You come first, the game and the FC will still be here when you return waiting on you.

Support Resources for LGBTQIA+Transgender Law Center
Trans-led organization advocating for to be free to define themselves
National Center for Transgender Equality
The nation’s leading social justice advocacy organization
LGBTQ Resources for Political, BI, Youth, Military, Transgender, Aging, Legal and General topics:
Trevor Project
Call: 1-866-488-7386
TrevorProject's Resources & Information

Trans Lifeline
US (877) 565-8860
Canada (877) 330-6366
Crisis Text Line:
Text START to 741-741
National Suicide Prevention Hotline
Call: 1-800-273-8255
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender National Hotline
Call: 1-888-843-4564

Applying Via Discord:
When applying via discord, you may do so by clicking the discord button below. If your discord privacy settings are not open to allow direct messages from the public it would be reccomended to add Space Mom on that discord to your friends list to get a response to your application.
Once on our application discord use the Appy menu and select
"FC Application to Andromeda <HELIX>"
option and answer the questions on the app. Once the application is completed properly the bot will remove you from this temporary discord server. Any and all replies will come from the FC leader if they were added to your friend list, or you have DM's set to open.
To begin click the discord icon below: